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Mold Inspection Services

Are you concerned about mold or
moisture damage?

All houses contain naturally occurring airborne mold. However, the presence of high levels of mold can result in poor indoor air quality and unclean conditions. It also can indicate unidentified water intrusion, which may suggest a problem with the home structure (foundation cracks, roof leaks, HVAC issues, etc.). Thus it is important that homeowners and home buyers know the level of mold in their homes.

Our Solution:
Our mold assessment instrument utilizes patented technology to deliver scientifically accurate, room-by-room results on site and within minutes. After recording a baseline of outdoor mold conditions, each room in the house is scanned for mold. If a room contains high concentrations of mold relative to outdoor levels or contains mold patterns significantly different from outside readings our instrument will tell you in minutes vs. days waiting on lab results.

Our Advantage:
  • Near instant results compared to traditional methods taking several
    days for lab processing time.
  • Better targeting of potential problems by measuring room-by-room concentration levels vs. results for the entire house.
  • Easy-to-read reports that show Red, Yellow or Green designations
    for each room.
  • Faster more detailed assessment as most homes can have all
    suspect rooms screened in about an hour.